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Benefit Cosmetics

For the Benefit Brow Bar in Myers, we created an iPad app that allows customers to fill out their details and gain more information about their brow session. The app allows Benefit employees to see the appropriate treatment for their customer, use the appointment system and to submit customer information to the Benefit database.



Benefit Cosmetics has a Brow Bar which offers a brow wax and brow tweezing service across Myers stores in Australia.

I was working at Webcoda and Benefit came to us to design a solution that would address their appointment system. We created an iPad app that could be used by staff at the Brow Bar that would digitise their current process and make it easier to manage paperwork.

My role

I designed the user interface in a week and worked alongside the business analyst at Webcoda. We then worked with the engineer externally for around a week on the development and animations.



The Brow Bar’s main problems that needed to be addresses:

  • Before getting the brow service, customers need to sign a waiver. Signing a piece of paper meant that at the end of the day, all the pieces of paper needed to be collected and sent to the head office to be filed. This was inefficient and a clunky process.

  • Sometimes there would be a few people who would want to make an appointment in store. They had to wait nearby for their turn, meaning some customers might never return.



Our solution was this iPad app that allowed users to enter in their details and sign the waivers. This allowed the staff to be able to manage their appointment list and mark people off. They could also message or call the user when their time for the appointment came.

At the end of the day, the staff could also submit all the data entered in to the system to the database.


Customer form


Benefit staff view


In 2015, the app was trialled in the Benefit store in Myers. They are now being used in multiple stores across Australia.

The Benefit Browbar at Myers

The Benefit Browbar at Myers

Agency: Webcoda
My role: Design direction, UI and Design.