Event Birdie

Eventbirdie.com is a search directory of venues, caterers, florists, photographers, entertainers and other companies that are related to planning events.

My role was to re-design their website, using pre-existing content on their current site, from the information architecture to the way that users interacted with the site. This is a two way market consisting of the companies that pay to use the platform to advertise their business and the people who organise events.


Information Architecture


Previous Website

This was Event Birdie's previous site. The things that we wanted to focus on was the experience of choosing a company in a certain state which was the area that got the most interaction. The part that seemed to be too hidden was the type of "suppliers" that were available and that this actually referred to. 

Event Birdie's previous website

Event Birdie's previous website


User Experience

As the search area was the same for venues, caterers and suppliers, I pulled out each type of supplier (eg. florist, photographer, etc) and showed them all up front.

Homepage and blog page

Homepage and blog page

Venue and search results page

Venue and search results page


User Interface Design

I experimented with the look and feel of the design with small sections from the site. As the company was still in it's infancy, there was room to push the identity and style.

Style tiles


Agency: Webcoda
My role: UX, Design direction, UI and Design.